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Everything you need to go from initial concept idea through to manufacture Ready design.

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Our excellence comes from delivering innovative solutions with maximum efficiency from human and financial resources. We provide assistance at any point in your product development process.


We are a team of passionate and dedicated design and engineering professionals who firmly believe that good design can transform a good idea into a useful, successful professional product. Define, design, develop, and deliver. That’s the bottom line. But it’s what we do between the lines that sets us apart.Design as per customer requirements is more than just popular ideas, certifications, affinity, or experience.

Our Expertise

Product Tooling & Design

Whether it is the products itself or the tools that needs to be manufactured, we create what you need.

Production Processes

A quick and efficient designs process helps to speed up manufacturing and keeps costs down.

User / Service Manuals

Every product needs a good user and service manual to help your customers get the most out of it to be used.

Develop your idea today!

Clients @ Doodle Hum lookout for results in terms of quality, cost and performance through world class industrial design, market driving innovation and implementation.


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Steering Column Cover
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Wireless Motor Controller
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Automatic Hand Sanitizer
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Home Automation
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Barcode Scanner
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